In the space between the dreamt-of and the actualized
the impossible and the realized

lie the Slightly Altered States

Slightly Altered States is a not-for-profit theater company made up of actors, writers, and improvisers. We are devoted to darkly funny, slightly-absurd material that deals truthfully with the extraordinary in everyday circumstances.

In our shows, people fall in love with house burglars, would-be assassins end up in aprons cooking cocoa at the stove, and the sky rains vast quantities of lemonade.

We find the extreme in the everyday, and the extraordinary in the ordinary. We're fascinated by idiosyncrasies in everyday behavior and how the bizarre can become commonplace when the un-ordinary is treated ordinarily.


Shows from Slightly Altered States could cause you to forget
the name of the day of the week, or where you've parked
your car. You may find yourself reevaluating the simplest things like
tying a shoelace or brushing your teeth. Don't be surprised if after emerging
from the theater everything seems just a bit to the left, or items you could swear
you placed right there on the counter suddenly start disappearing. This is all
a natural process, and will gradually fade away. At least - until the next time!